Agent Referring A Tenant


Agent Confidence In Luxury LifeStyle Realty, LLC

 Agents will feel confident in referring their valued client to our company for their rental needs.  24 years of valued experience in property management goes a long way. 

Qualified Prospective Tenant

Send us complete information of a qualified prospective tenant who leases one of our rental properties and we will pay the referral fee shown in the Multiple Listing Service.

Referral Fee Payment

The referral fee will be mailed to the Broker within 30 days after lease commencement once tenants have paid all required deposits and first month's rent.

Referral Compensation Fee

The referral compensation fee in the Multiple Listing Service will only be paid on a single rental transaction.  No extra fees will be paid on any renewal of rental, future rental or sale to prospective tenant.

Yearly Rental

All referral fees in the Multiple Listing Service are based on a lease of one year.  If a lease is less than one year, the referral fee will be prorated the amount of leased months.

Tenant Referral Form

Please fill out the Tenant Referral Form in its entirety then scan and email back to our office.

Tenant Referral Form